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Unique Fashion Coloured Hair Styling Pomade

Unique Fashion Coloured Hair Styling Pomade




Item Type: Hair Colour
Model Number: 10548
NET WT: 120g
Quantity: 1 pc
Ingredient: hair dye wax/mud
color: ash grey/blue/red/ivory white/purple
suitable for : all hair style
gender: unisex
Feature: Temporary/Disposable Styling Hair Wax



It contains an innovative component which protects and provides glamour colour to hair as desired. Please read the instructions before using so that you achieve the best colour result, wear plastic gloves and a cape to avoid any stains long before colouring hair should be clean and dry, lighter hair colour always takes colour better whilst dark hair needs bleaching first, take an allergy test 24 hours before using, avoid using conditioner or oil before colouring.


How to use:


  1. Carry out sensitivity test 24 hours before colouring
  2. Wash hair before colouring
  3. Apply premix with brush on hair section by section
  4. Leave premix on hair for 40-60 minutes
  5. Rinse hair thoroughly




Deionized water, natural cetostearyl alcohol, single and double stearic acid glycerol ester, leveling agent, water quality stabilizer, hydrogen peroxide, phosphoric acid 



With the use of bleaching powder, can meet the requirements of the level of dyeing, product stability.

Without stimulation, to open the hair cuticle, accelerate pigment into the hair to promote oxidation.

Strengthen the dyeing effect and does not cause the damage to the hair cells.