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Our mission is to search the land to find the very best and latest unique products and gadgets from around the world and deliver them straight to your front door!

We are continuously updating our product catalogue to bring you the very newest unique games, gizmos, gadgets and gift ideas which are not only great as a gift but you'll also want to keep one yourself.

We have something for everyone including men, women, kids, babies, granddad's, grandma's, uncles, aunties, dogs, cats, birds... you'll even find something for your FISH!!

You won't find many of our products in the shops, making LadsPad the perfect place to treat yourself or someone else to unique gifts you just have to have in your life!  

LadsPad is also the perfect place to find gifts for special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, your Pets Birthday, your Mates Birthday or just about any other special occasion throughout the year!

Be sure to "BOOKMARK US" and check back regularly for NEW and EXCITING products!